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We need your help

We had great success at our March 7 Coding Dojo with each team completing their own to-do list app in Rails 3. As a matter of fact, the results were so good that we couldn’t decide which app should be the basis for next month’s meeting. Therefore, we need your help to choose the project. Download the three teams’ code from last night and try out each one. All should work well; simply install Rails 3 then check the README file for details about how to test each one (should take about 2-3 min to give each a quick test once Rails 3 is installed).

Vote for the one you’d want to hack on by replying in the comments below. Voting ends Monday, March 14th.


#1 Eagle Team
Dave, Matt, Jeremy, Jason
— Team 1’s app was pure hand coding. The team showed us their development process which involved a lot of red/green/refactor and test driven development.

#2 Kid Ninjas
JR, Justin, Andy, Brandyn
— Not all teams had enough time to set up their development environment, run all tests, program the app, and design the front-end, but Team 2 was able to develop their to-do list with drag and drop and user log-in.

#3 Beetle Bailey
Brandon, Chuck, Kenny, Tad, Matt N
— Scaffolding greatly speeds up development time and this group proved that with a working to-do app in just 15 minutes. The remainder of their time was spent on feature development and testing.

* If we misspelled or left out your name, please let us know.

Helpful Resources From Our Last Dojo
* Cucumber —
* Ruby on Rails —
* RSpec —
* RVM —
* Hudson —
* Ruby Mine —

Next month’s meeting will be more Rails 3; we’ll take what we did on March 7 and make it even better. Details will be coming soon.

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