Coding Dojo, Rails 3 part deux, Monday April 4th

Next Monday at 7:00 we’ll be having our monthly coding dojo. Again we’ll be at Foundry coworking and we’ll be continuing our Rails 3 exploration. The code from the last event is live at github as well as the code we’ll be using for our foundation for the next meeting. You should download the code and give it a shot. If you have any troubles please don’t hesitate to ask. Once you learn how to get it going, it’s pretty easy, but when you’re just getting started it can be a challenge.

I’ve thrown together a README to get you pointed in the right direction. Start by getting ruby and rails 3 installed on your computer, then grab the code from github and then follow the README.

If you’re going to make it, please RSVP by leaving a comment here on this blog or on our Facebook event page.

Feel free to come up to 30 min early if you need help setting up your computer to run the project.

Matthew Nuzum

Web guy, big thinker, loves to talk and write. Front end web, mobile and UX developer for John Deere ISG. My projects: @dsmwebgeeks @tekrs @squaretap ✝