Angular introduction Dojo

Join us August 12th as we are introduced to Angular, and full stack web development. If you’re new to a Web Geeks Dojo just think of it as a mini hackathon. We’ll be introduced to an Angular project by a professional web developer and guided through the full stack development process. Then we’ll have time to hack on the codebase and socialize.

About the Speaker

Melanie DeVries is a web developer at eFuneral.

About the Venue

the Forge, by Pillar Technology is a technology consulting company with over 20 years of uncovering and executing industry-disrupting opportunities at lightning speed.

About Our Sponsors

Xilution Xilution’s unique mix of API products and professional services are tailored to help digital marketers build and maintain dynamic web and mobile apps.


Mon, Aug 12th @ 6:30pm


the Forge
The Forge by Pillar Technology
1420 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Did you go?

17 people attended.