Award Ceremony: IoT Challenge

Join us June 19th to wrap up the IoT challenge at We Write Code downtown in the East Village. We’ll have fun awards, food, and drinks. Bring your project and be prepared to share your triumphs or failures.

About the Sponsor

We Write Code is a dev shop located in the East Village who puts focus into building applications that facilitate communication, process payments, and manage/process large data sets. If you’re interested in joining their team, they are hiring! Learn more at


In addition to the ramp on E 6th just south of Locust St, street parking is available throughout the East Village, and free parking can be found 1 block north of Grand.


Official Rules

You must incorporate a WiFi enabled microcontroller in your project, and send or receive data from a network. One can be purchased from Area515 for $5 or you can supply your own. For details email [email protected].

Be prepared to share your code using GitHub, Pastebin, or other publicly linkable site. You may use code from other people. It must be open source and available online.

You can work on the project solo, or have a team.

Please be prepared to demo your project and let us know how it went. Even if nothing works, we would still like to hear what problems you had to work through. There will be time and assistance before presentations to get your device(s) on the venue’s wifi if needed. If your project needs to be at a specific location/environment/time to work, have a video of it in action to share.

Your project does not have to necessarily work when presenting. If your project goes south spectacularly, present anyway! Share what you learned and what you were trying to do. We have prizes for all states of completion!


Wed, Jun 19th @ 6:30pm


We Write Code
500 East Locust Street
Suite 300
Des Moines, IA 50309

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