Streamline Your Development and Deployment with CI/CD

Includes a Hands-On Demo

Discover the power of CI/CD in modern software development! Learn how to streamline your workflow with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. In the intro session, we’ll focus specifically on React Native with CI/CD. In the main session, we’ll explore tools and techniques to set up CI/CD pipelines with Docker, TravisCI, GitHub Actions, React, and AWS. Come ready to learn and bring your laptop for the hands-on demos. Embrace the future of development with CI/CD!

About the Speaker

Michael Leners is a software developer who transitioned from a career in science and engineering. Michael enjoys fun and games, but gets the biggest thrill in life from collaborative learning and teaching. He is an advocate for minorities in STEM and loves to dance. Originally from just outside of Seattle, Mike moved to Iowa for graduate school where he did research on photonic sensors, after studying bacteria as an undergrad. He taught physics at Grand View University before transitioning to web development. 
Twitter/Github: micleners

About the Venue

Marketing and technology have become increasingly connected. Where they meet is where we live. We’re Anthologic — a privately owned group of specialized companies each immersed in what we do best. But we can also work together efficiently when a bigger solution is needed.


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Watch the Stream

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Mon, Feb 13th @ 6:30pm


Anthologic in the East Village
Anthologic in the East Village
600 E Court Ave Ste 180, Des Moines, IA 50309

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