The best toolchain of 2021

It’s a new year and a good time to look back on the tools we used. What is our favorite? What would we like others to know about? What do we want to avoid?

Join us Monday February 14th @ 6:30pm over Zoom. We’ll share the toolchain and preferred development environments in web development from the last year and beyond. There aren’t any strict rules, other than the tools need to aid the the process of web development. Tell us about your IDE, or just the cool add-ons you’ve discovered. You could even share your productivity tools. Or, ask us about what tools we use.

After our discussion and any lightening talks we’ll focus on user group planning and organizing. Feel free to stick around, and provide feedback. Their will be plenty of opportunity to get involved.


Mon, Feb 14th @ 6:30pm


Join us on Zoom or what the live stream at

Did you go?