Web dojo, Aug 13th at Goodsmith’s, Facebook apps

Are you ready for the next dojo? Mark your calendar for 6:00 on Monday, August 13th. We’ll be meeting again at Goodsmith’s in Valley Junction. (remember, plenty of parking in the rear) Like before, food and drink will be provided.

This month’s challenge will be related to Facebook apps. That’s all the hint you get and I’m probably saying too much as it is. 🙂

Again, we’re using Eventbrite for registration. We have limited availability since we have a finite amount of food and drink. Register for the event here. If you can’t make it, no problem, you can cancel your order. We are limiting sign-up to 24 in-person attendees and 8 remote participants.

Yes, you read that right, we’re going to try remote participation again, but this time we’ll use event brite to register. We’ll be using Google+ Hangouts so make sure to include the email address we should use to invite you. The public hangouts feature isn’t a good strategy. Remote participation is limited to 6 groups, due to the limits of the hangouts. A remote group can be 2 or more people working together, however remote participants won’t be able to join local participants to make a team. We think it’s best of remote team members are colocated. Please, when registering for the event, be sure to use an email address that we can invite to the hangout.

See you then!

Matthew Nuzum

Web guy, big thinker, loves to talk and write. Front end web, mobile and UX developer for John Deere ISG. My projects: @dsmwebgeeks @tekrs @squaretap ✝