Have Ember.JS for Lunch Wednesday Feb 16th with Toran Billups

Ember.js is a convention heavy javascript framework for building ambitious single page applications. Sharing some similarities to Backbone, Knockout, and Angular, Ember stands out of the crowd as a more complete package.

Toran has been working with Ember long enough to be known as a regional expert. If you were fortunate enough to have seen him talk at the DSMJS group then you know how educational and informative his talks are. In addition to this lunch talk, Toran will also be speaking at the Ember conference next month.

We’ll be meeting Wednesday February 18th from 11:45 – 1:00 at Felix and Oscar’s (google map) near Merle Hay Mall. The address is 4050 Merle Hay Road.

Please RSVP via our Facebook event.