A Nightmare on Elm Street

So we’re only kidding about the title here — it was low hanging click bait fruit. Sorry. In truth Elm is a delightful language for reliable web apps. Well that’s what the creators of Elm say anyway.  However, anything new can often seem like a nightmare. It’s always daunting at first to even bring yourself to image launching a production ready site for a good paying client in a technology you don’t know. I’m not saying your next client will ask for a Elm based web app, but if they did wouldn’t you like to say “oh yeah that’s that language that does that thing” and then confidently follow that up with “Yeah, I can do that.”

Join us on Monday, February 11th at 6:30 pm at The Forge in Downtown Des Moines across from the sculpture garden. Bring your laptops, brains, appetites and friends.

This event will lean more toward an instructional event. So, even though there will be some coding, the most we’ll ask of you is to just soak up some knowledge.

About the Speakers

Andrew Schutt is a Fullstack Software Engineer at Hy-Vee and always looking to learn new technologies.

About Our Sponsors

Special thanks to Pillar Technology for providing the venue, food and drinks. Pillar Technology is a technology consulting powerhouse rooted in extreme programming and flourishing in rock-solid code, design thinking and marketing. They breathe life into big ideas, delivering industry-disrupting opportunities at lightning speed. Learn more at https://pillartechnology.com/.


Mon, Feb 11th @ 6:30pm


The Forge
The Forge by Pillar Technology
1420 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309