DSM Teach n’ Learn: Become a stronger developer in 2019

Bring a personal project related to web development and pair up with someone more experienced than you to learn from. The group is young, so we need people of all experience levels to mentor/and be mentored.

Join us on Monday, January 14th by 6:30 pm at The Forge in Downtown Des Moines across from the sculpture garden. Food and drinks will be provided by Shift Interactive.

About Our Sponsors

the Forge, by Pillar Technology is a technology consulting company with over 20 years of uncovering and executing industry-disrupting opportunities at lightning speed.

Shift Interactive, professional problem-solvers since 2009. Whether your idea only lives on a cocktail napkin or you’ve already begun beta testing a concept, our product development teams are ready to jump in at any stage to help you build your business and get to market faster.

Updates from the event:

Productivity tools:

  • Carbon
  • https://github.com/mixn/carbon-now-cli
  • Screenshoteer
  • https://github.com/vladocar/screenshoteer
  • Tree
  • https://rschu.me/list-a-directory-with-tree-command-on-mac-os-x-3b2d4c4a4827
  • VIM Adventures Learning Tool: https://vim-adventures.com/

Book club

  • A Philosophy of Software Design https://www.amazon.com/Philosophy-Software-Design-John-Ousterhout/dp/1732102201
  • Deep Work http://calnewport.com/books/deep-work/

Hacking Ideas



Mon, Jan 14th @ 6:30pm


The Forge
The Forge by Pillar Technology
1420 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Did you go?

21 people attended.

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