Build Rapid Prototypes and Websites with Sketch, InVision, and Webflow!

What best describes your role these days: a web designer, front-end engineer, developer, or UX expert? Web development on the UI side has always been a complex set of skills melding together markup language, web scripting languages and server side rendering languages. No matter what label you identify with best you’ll always need tools for the job. If your focus is design you probably use Adobe XD, or Sketch. Before that you were using Illustrator and Photoshop. It wasn’t too long ago that mockups and designs were created in an incredible tool called Macromedia Fireworks (RIP).

Kacie Ehrecke will be sharing her usage of Sketch, and how she integrates her designs with InVision to create rapid prototypes. She will discuss her perspectives, insights and tools on how designers and developers can collaborate during a project.

Dustin Miller will be giving an overview of what Webflow is and how it is different from other website builders out there. He will demonstrate how easy it is to build a website in Webflow’s site builder without coding anything yourself.

Following the presentations from Kacie and Dustin, we will open up the floor for a round table discussion on design tools and methodologies.

Join us on Monday, October 8th at 6:30pm at The Forge (Pillar Technology). Please RSVP on Eventbrite so we have a total count for food and drinks!

About the Speakers

Kacie is a UX Designer at Pillar Technology, with 10 years of experience in the design industry. She comes from a diverse background of graphic design, fashion, and user experience.

Dustin Miller is a designer who is passionate about UI and UX design, along with web design. He graduated from Drake University. Dustin has been practicing graphic design in the workforce for about 4 years.

About the Sponsor

Special thanks to Pillar Technology for providing the venue, food and drinks. Pillar Technology is a technology consulting powerhouse rooted in extreme programming and flourishing in rock-solid code, design thinking and marketing. They breathe life into big ideas, delivering industry-disrupting opportunities at lightning speed. Learn more at


Mon, Oct 8th @ 6:30pm


The Forge
The Forge by Pillar Technology
1420 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

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30 people attended.