Cultural Fit + Culturesmithing: Everyone Influences Culture

Casey Watts presented at RailsConf in Portland last May, and is graciously giving us an encore presentation. Join us Tuesday, Jul 12 by 06:30pm (Central) over Zoom to talk about our workplace culture. This is an extremely relevant topic for any one looking to switch jobs, or interested in retaining their current coworkers.

“Toxic culture” is, by far, the number one reason that people are quitting their jobs. People are no longer willing to work at organizations where they don’t feel valued, respected, and included. Economists have dubbed this “The Great Resignation.” In this talk you will learn how this situation applies to you and what you can do to make things better. You will learn a framework for evaluating whether an organization’s culture meets your personal needs, and you will learn 20 immediately implementable techniques to improve this culture.

About the Speaker

Casey Watts! focuses on the human side of technology, bringing together his backgrounds in software development and psychology. Casey has worked in software development for 10-15 years, including at Heroku and the US government. Casey is the author of the applied psychology book Debugging Your Brain. Casey can play over ten musical instruments, and he owns one in every color of the rainbow (recently a white accordion!). Casey has been part of the Rails community since 2010.

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Tue, Jul 12th @ 6:30pm


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