Empowered Product Teams: ownership and responsibility

Join us Tuesday Aug 9th, at 6:30pm over Zoom or in person. We’ll have a presentation about making the leap from “feature team” to “empowered product team”

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Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to blend, extend and adapt well known engineering practices to match the accelerated demands put on product teams. After years of trial and error I’ve become convinced empowerment is at the core of both better product teams and better software.

Truly “empowered” product teams are given more ownership to learn, adapt and respond to feedback. With this ownership comes a responsibility that requires a combination of discovery, experimentation, and delivery. Engineering teams must then focus on outcomes instead of output, which better equips them to organize, shape and sequence the work.

A strong product team must navigate uncertainty. Yet too often, we find ourselves crammed into a framework that views software creation not as a journey of discovery, but as an unimaginative widget factory. By embracing this new approach to knowledge work, software careers can be more fulfilling, rewarding, and impactful. 

About the Speaker

Toran Billups is a self-proclaimed builder of empowered product teams.

About the Sponsor

Shift is a web and mobile software development company​​. Comprised of UI designers, front-end developers, software engineers, mobile developers, project managers and more. Partner with a variety of clients ​- locally, nationally and even globally – ​to create custom ​tech solutions ​of all sizes ​ranging from company websites and mobile apps to SaaS platforms and IoT applications. Shift is always looking for new talent. Connect with them on Twitter, or Facebook.


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Tue, Aug 9th @ 6:30pm


Anthologic in the East Village, Des Moines IA
East Village
600 E. Court Ave., Suite 180
Des Moines, IA 50309
p. 515.440.3550

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