What time works for all of you?

I’d like to hear what people think makes the most sense. I want to get the first of these underway and wonder what works best for all of you. Would you prefer a Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Late Sunday afternoons & evenings are fine for me. Most weekday evenings work if I’ve got some advance notice.

  2. Weekday evenings are better for me. I’m such a “driving downtown” chicken…it’s okay mock me, I don’t mind. Maybe this will cure me.

  3. I can make most evenings and sundays work with a few days advance notice. Wednesday are probably preferred due to family considerations.

  4. Lots of great input, thanks everyone. I’ll do what I can, and if nothing else look at having a floating meeting time to be as inclusive as possible. If anyone wants to ‘help’ or has a presentation idea use the contact form. I’ll be posting about presenters, topics, etc. tomorrow so fire off idea tonight if you have any.

  5. This sounds like an interesting group. I just heard about the meeting and I already have another meeting I have to attend this evening. Thursday nights work for me, except for tonight.

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