Next Meeting – August 25th

***UPDATED*** I screwed up this should have been Monday AUGUST, 25th per the discussion at the meeting

I’m looking at Monday, August 25th for the next meeting. We had a lot of people volunteer and I failed to adequately get everyone’s contact info. So if you or someone you know spoke up I’d love to hear from you. Here’s a list of topics, feel free to leave a comment, I’d like to have a plan in place by te end of the week so speakers can have a chance to prepare. Be advised I’ll try and pair ‘like’ topics (1 presentation and 1 discussion). Someone also mentioned breakouts as needed as well, we’ll see if we have a critical mass to support this for any super basic or super advanced topics – I’m not an expert in everything so I’ll rely on the wisdom of the audience to guide this.

Possible topics (presentations):
* jQuery Overview (Matt Nuzum)
* Web Basics/CSS Intro (Rob Glazebrook)
* User Interface Design for Today’s Web (Jeremy Harrington)
* Ruby on Rails – I’d like to hold off a meeting or two but definitely want to have some RoR-based topic soon
* ???

Possible discussion forum points:
* Project Show & tell (any)
* Rich Internet Apps/Strategies (Dan Shipton)
* Usability Testing, Analysis and Requirements Gathering (Jeremy Harrington)
* ???

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