Web Dojo, Rails 3 part three: going mobile

7:00 pm on Monday, May 2nd at Foundry Coworking we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our rails app. We’ll be writing less Ruby code this time. Instead, we’ll be delving into the fascinating world of mobile development. As usual, you will need to come to the meeting to get the full details.

If you plan to use your own computer during the dojo you may benefit by having a mobile emulator configured so that you can test. You can install the free Android SDK (works on Windows, Mac and Linux). If you have a Mac OS developer account and you’ve installed Xcode version 3 or 4 then you already have the iOS simulator. Also, an iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone will work as well. For web dojos we split up into teams and each team needs only one computer so it is not critical to configure your computer.

You may have noticed that we’re referring to our meetings as “Web dojos” now. We want to emphasize that all skill levels and talents will be able to contribute and learn. If you’re a designer, a programmer, a blogger or a manager type, you can contribute.

Please RSVP by leaving a comment or visiting our Facebook event page. Tell a friend and come rub shoulders with other local web enthusiasts just like you. You can arrive as early as 6:30. See you there!

Matthew Nuzum

Web guy, big thinker, loves to talk and write. Front end web, mobile and UX developer for John Deere ISG. My projects: @dsmwebgeeks @tekrs @squaretap ✝