July 31 Lunch Meeting with Jack Viers

Working on large projects usually requires a bit of task automation to help with the repetitive parts of the process. You might use Rake, or a bunch of build scripts depending on the primary language. What should you use if your project is all JavaScript and you need to handle tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc? Enter Grunt.js. We’ll talk about how to set up, use, and extend Grunt, and the importance of tooling for the future of JavaScript; as well as how we are using it at Banno.

We’ll be meeting for lunch Wednesday July 31st in West Des Moines at Felix and Oscar’s. Meet us at Noon at 4801 Westown Parkway . The meeting is free and you can purchase your favorite sandwich, pasta or pizza dish from their great lunch menu (there are many choices for $7-8).

Please let us know your coming in the comments or on Facebook: