Using Angular to build an offline mobile app: Part 2

We’re “Going Angular” on Monday, July 14th, as we continue work on our offline mobile app. Join us at 6:30pm for another fun web dojo, this time building on the offline mobile web app we started in June with HTML5 and Node.js.

We’ll continue preparing for the Iowa State Fair. We got pretty far building an offline mobile app with HTML5 and Node.js, but now it’s time to grasp the power of AngularJS – using views, routing, and much more.

You don’t need to be an expert to learn and help. We’ll be working in small teams and we’ll share the source code when we’re done, so you can review or improve the code whenever.

We’ll be meeting again at Legends downtown at 6:30pm on Monday, July 14th. Bring your laptop. Ideally you’ll have already installed Node.js. If you need help, here’s an easy to follow tutorial on how to install Node.js successfully for Mac, Windows and Linux.

We’d love if you’d RSVP on our Facebook event.