Embrace the future, build with components! Get started Mon Oct 13

The promise of components is to gain improved reusable for your more sophisticated creations. Join us Monday, Oct 13th as we dig into this emerging technology and learn how to put it into practice. Here’s an article our team found inspirational on the topic, we’ll use this as our launching off point.

You don’t need to be an expert to learn and help. We’ll be working in small teams and we’ll share the source code when we’re done, so you can review or improve the code whenever.

We’ll be meeting again at Legends downtown at 6:30pm on Monday October 13th. Bring your laptop. Ideally you’ll have already installed Node.js. If you need help, here’s an easy to follow tutorial on how to install Node.js successfully for Mac, Windows and Linux.

We’d love if you’d RSVP on our Facebook event.

Matthew Nuzum

Web guy, big thinker, loves to talk and write. Front end web, mobile and UX developer for John Deere ISG. My projects: @dsmwebgeeks @tekrs @squaretap ✝