May 8th Event on Mobile Marketing

Join us Monday, May 8th for a discussion on mobile marketing. We’ll start the night with a quick talk from a brilliant Android developer Chris Wagner. He’ll be talking about “Brain Hacking in Mobile Games.” Then Luke Klinker (owner, designer, and engineer at Klinker Apps) will talk to us about “Basics of the Mobile Market: From Prototyping and Design to Delivery.” Our good friends at Pillar Technologies will supply food and beer.


We will be meeting on Monday, May 8th at 6:30 pm at The Forge in Downtown Des Moines across from the sculpture garden.

If you’ll join us, we’d love for you to RSVP.


Talk: Brain Hacking in Mobile Games

Presenter: Chris Wagner
Code Wizard

Talk: Basics of the Mobile Market: From Prototyping and Design to Delivery

Presenter: Luke Klinker
Owner, Designer, and Engineer at Klinker Apps

Companies like Google and Apple have made it really easy for any developer to create an app. The tools are great, the community support is amazing, and the tutorials are endless. This leads to a lot of amazing apps, but it also means the mobile market is crowded. There are a ton of apps out there and they do almost everything you can think of. How can you design and make something that will get noticed, and once you do, how can you maintain that momentum and build a product or a brand that is truly unique?

I am an Ankeny native and graduated from Iowa in May of 2016. During our freshman year at Iowa, my twin brother, Jake, and I started making Android apps and releasing them to the Play Store. We never looked back. Turns out, people liked what we were making! Over the past four years, we made Klinker Apps into an official corporation, continued to put out more quality apps, bring in new customers, and expand into web services to back our Android apps. We have some of the highest rated and most downloaded apps in the Play Store, across a variety of categories. Right now, I am working full-time for Source Allies, while also continuing to maintain and expand my portfolio for Klinker Apps. I have also started doing some consulting on my own, for a startup here in Des Moines and one out in San Francisco.
I am passionate about giving back to the Android community, through open source contributions and blogging. I also got married in August to my lovely wife, Hannah, and we are expecting a little girl at the end of May! In my free time, I love all things in the water. I swam on the University of Iowa team, while I was over there, and I played water polo.


Mon, May 8th @ 6:30pm


The Forge 5.0
1420 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

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