Hey, have you done something cool that needs to be shared?

We’re looking for speakers to present during our annual big social event on March 31 at the Downtown Legends. We know the date and location, the rest will be announced soon. Each presenter will have the option of doing a 10 minute show-and-tell or a 5 minute lightning talk.

Our typical audience is doing front-end web, mobile, Javascript/jQuery, CMS (WordPress, etc), API consumption, social or exploring technologies that allow the integration of some of these technologies. For example, some hot topics we’ve discussed in the past are:

  • CSS frameworks (e.g.: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, etc.)
  • Social Media (e.g.: Facebook apps, blogging, tweeting, etc.)
  • Mobile App Developement (e.g.: Phonegap, Media Queries, etc.)
  • JavaSciprt (e.g.: jQuery, Node, Grunt, Angular, etc.)
  • HTML5 (e.g.: Game Development, Canvas, etc.)
  • Development tools and performance (e.g. Firebug, Chrome developer tools, etc.)
  • Anything web related

If you’re interested in sharing about a topic that you find interesting please fill out this form. Or drop an email to team at dsmwebgeeks.com. The amount of speakers will be limited, and we will stop accepting speakers closer to the event. So contact us ASAP.