Web Geeks Dojo Hack-a-thon: July 24 6:30 @ Startup City

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a fun new web app that has allowed us to play with new and modern technologies such as Sails, Node, and Angular JavaScript frameworks. Our app will be a useful tool for all you fair goers who want to find the closest, cheapest, and best tasting food and or beverage while you lazily walk around the unbelievably crowded Iowa State Fair.

In our first Dojo we built our app on Node using the Sails.js framework. We enabled offline mode, and populated the app with a list of vendors. During the last Dojo we added the ability to log in using your Twitter account, enabled CRUD editing on our list of vendors, and introduced Angular to our project. Now with only a few weeks left before the Fair begins we need to put the finishing touches on our awesome app.

Join us this Thursday evening at Startup City (map) from 6:30 – 8:30 pm as we dig into Google Maps API, offline HTML5 API, Social Log In, and a host of other front end technologies to finalize our project just before the start of the Iowa State Fair. We will open a Google hangout session (details will be made available at start of event) so that you can work remotely. Fork the project here — https://github.com/dsmwebgeeks/WG-State-Fair-App

July 24, July 31 @ Startup City.