Remember how fun that was!

Last year was full of discovery and learning. We talked about mobile marketing, progressive web apps, machine learning, the state of our education system, and so much more.

Our hard-working “staff” at DSM Web Geeks would like to give thanks to all of our speakers throughout the year, and a special thank you to our sponsors. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without the special support from our gracious host Pillar Technologies. Thank you all!

And without any further ado here is our 2017 Recap:


We started off the year with our annual Social Event were Shift Interactive made it rain Google Cardboard. “You get a Cardboard, and you get a Cardboard, and you get a Cardboard!”

Our first real look at TDD with AJ Whatling.

That time when @wesbos tweeted about our event.

This event inspired me to build an app. But, then I realized how hard it is to build an app.

We all published our own websites at this event.

Cat Tinder is probably the funniest app concept I’ve ever built.

Matt did such a good job presenting on progressive web apps during our social event we asked him back for a lunch event.

What a great way to learn about CSS grid. Josh is an excellent instructor.

You know you’ve got a cool logo when Tim Cook sports it on his laptop.

It’s magic. Right? It’s got to be magic.

One of my favorite events of last year had to be this one.

Some of the smartest people I know are Web Geeks.

The Shift Interactive crew stopped by our booth for a quick photo op.

“Ask not what your project manager can do for you, ask what you can do for your project manager.”

Some of the most impressive live coding I’ve ever seen in a presentation.

Machine learning is such an incredible topic.

Our first look at Vue.JS.

Web Geeks showing off their geeky talents.

We finished out the year with a panel of teachers discussing web development in education.