Recap: Spring 2014 Social Event

Our spring 2014 social event was a great success. More than 60 people attended on Monday, March 31 at our new Downtown Legends locations.

We had nine speakers with topics ranging from Agile to EmberJS. The following is a recap and a video of each speaker at the event.


Hillary Brown – 5 Social Media Trends

Hillary is the social media director at Blue Compass. She spoke about trends in social media, including a look at what traditional things social media has replaced over the years.


Michael Tutty – GForge Next

Michael explains what GForge has been up to and what plans are for future software iterations.


Kristin Runyan – Agile

Kristin is an agile coach at Business Solver, and she speaks about getting your team started with Agile (and not being afraid to fail).


Brad Dwyer – Firebase

Brad is the creator of Hatchlings, and he walks us through how to create a quick, simple realtime chat application using the popular service Firebase.


Josh Larson – Relative CSS Units

Josh is a web developer at Happy Medium, and he talks about using relative CSS units in web design, as well as focusing more on proportion instead of pixels.


Laura Gaulke – Social Media

Laura is a social media strategist, and she speaks about getting started with a social media strategy and action plan.


Charlie Strawn – Dwolla and Foursquare

Charlie is a developer at Dwolla, and he walks us through one of Dwolla’s latest open-source projects, the Dwolla Location Finder built with the Foursquare API.


Toran Billups – Ember.js Objects

Toran is a programmer analyst at IMT Insurance. He speaks about using Ember.js objects and how to take advantage of them.


Matthew Nuzum – Usability Testing

Matthew is a UX developer at John Deere, and he speaks about the basics of usability testing.